Kitchen Items That Will Turn You Into A Passionate Chef

If you are busy or just don’t like to cook cooking at home can give really boring for you. But there are a lot of ways that would make cooking a lot more fun. What you need to do first is stock your kitchen with healthy ingredients so you can cook meals at home which is one of the healthiest ways of living.
Apart from having healthy ingredients you will need the right tools and equipment which will make your cooking more fun and easy. These kitchen items will help you prep your work easier, will make cooking time shorter and will add flavor to your everyday meals.

Colorful prep bowl

Prep bowls
Before you start cooking your meal you will find it much easier and simpler if you have chopped, sliced, minced and measured all the ingredients before you start cooking. A good (with fun colors) set of prep bowls is essential to the kitchen because it will help you through the process of cooking.  Actually, no matter how many of these bowl I own, it always runs out, so get extra ones will not hurt.


Cool Food Processor

Food processor
A food processor is the easiest and most convenient way to chop, slice, shred and grate your ingredients quickly and efficiently. You will find it so useful that you will start using it every day.

Big small pepper mills

Pepper mill & salt grinder
Freshly ground pepper and salt and an amazing flavor to meals in comparison with their pre-ground versions. You would like to use sea and kosher salts because they have low sodium and since they are unprocessed they have high levels of natural minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Quality KNIFE!

Chef-quality chopping knife
Chopping and slicing are really hard processes and they can be even harder if you do not have a high quality chef’s knife. It is a good idea to invest in this kind of knife because it will make the preparation of the ingredients faster, more efficient and more fun. If you decide to buy this kind of knife start with an 8 inch forged chef’s knife and expand your collection with a slicer, utility and paring knives.

Garlic press
Lots of meals include garlic. They might need it in a variety of ways: sliced, crushed or as a whole clove. There is also one more way in which garlic can be prepared and that is as minced garlic. Most often recipes require minced garlic. If you don’t want to do this by buy hand buy a garlic press which will remove all the work and aggravation. Once you put your garlic in the press you need to squeeze it and it will mince your garlic and separate it from its skin. All you need to do afterwards is add the garlic to your meal throw away the skin and your press into the dishwasher.

Cutting boards
You will need to have at least two cutting boards in your kitchen. One of them you should use for raw meat, seafood and poultry and the other one for vegetables and breads. You are recommended to have two cutting boards because this way you will avoid cross-contamination of harmful bacteria. You could buy wood cutting boards or acrylic ones if you do not have to time to wash dishes and you just want to put your cutting board into the dishwasher.

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How deep do you need to go when shopping for dive watches?

Shopping for dive watches can be deeply disturbing if you are not sure what you need. I’ve only just learned to dive, so I don’t want to buy more watch than I really need. It’s fun to have a gadget that can, say, transform into a fishing rod then fold itself back up. But how often would I use that feature. I don’t even like to fish.

I thought it might be therapeutic and generous of me to share what I’ve discovered while shopping for dive watches. Are you in the market for one too? How about that! My work has not been for naught.

How low will you go? The basic dive watch has a standard depth assurance of water resistance up to 100 meters, or 330 feet. I don’t know about you, but I’m a novice diver and I certainly don’t plan on going down that far anytime soon. But it’s good to know you can and that the watch is going to hold up under a ton of pressure and work when you need it most. So, I’m good with the lowest water resistance level.

The construction of the watch’s case is the next important factor to consider before you dive. Dive watches must be able to withstand pressure and stand up to the effects of salt water. Stainless steel is the most common material used to make dive watches. They are also made of other steel alloys, titanium and synthetic resin, whatever that is. Ok, I’m going with steel.

That little knob that winds analog watches is called a crown. It has other functions on a dive watch. There are a lot of opinions about whether dive watches should have screw-down or non-screw-down crowns. For the sake of ensuring that the watch’s water resistance isn’t compromised, I’ve decided to go with a screw down. However, there are now watches with locks on the crown, so that might work, too.

I just like saying this word: bezel. That is the circular piece around the crystal with numbers in increments of 15, although some dive watches have other numbers instead. This is a crucial dive watch mechanism. It helps you keep up with your elapsed dive time. Make sure to set it before you go down.

It’s obviously pretty dark when you dive down deep. That’s why I’m paying special attention to the glow of dive watches. Generally, the light is generated two ways: luminescent paint or tritium. I’ve ready reviews that say the paint last a long time but the glow doesn’t unless you let the sun “charge” it back up. Tritium makes for a brighter light and doesn’t need the sun, but it fades over time. It’s a toss-up.

Now about that strap. I’ve learned that you have to allow for the extra girth that a wetsuit adds to your arm. I try them on over a thick shirt or light jacket to make sure they fit.

There are other considerations when buying a dive watch for sure. But since I’m a beginner, I’m sticking to the best dive watches of all time, the Citizen Promaster. Yes, it’s rather expensive, but if you are serious about your new hobby, this is one of the investment that you need to consider. Another alternative will be the good-looking frogman, but so far Promaster has more great reviews, so I’ll stick to that one.

Photo courtesy of Cajetan Barretto

Buying the Right Coffee Maker for You

Most people need coffee to start out their days, while others simply love the taste. If you are a coffee lover, you may be interested in buying a coffee maker and adding it to your home. But with so many different coffee makers available on the market today, how do you know which one is the best coffee maker for your office? Today, I am going to help you by making this decision a little easier for you.

Looking at Price

Price is not an indicator of quality. While you can spend hundreds of dollars on a professional looking coffee maker that will certainly draw the eyes of many, good cups of coffees can be made by machines that cost less than $40.

Basic coffee makers can make decent cups of coffee. Think about whether you need more features than a simple on/off. You might want other features including a thermal carafe, different settings that pertain to brew strength, or even an automatic timer.


How many cups do you drink? If you only need one cup, you might want a one or two cup drip coffee maker. You can also go with a single-serve pod machine. However, to be cost-efficient, a standard drip coffee maker will be good enough.

If you need more than a few cups, you want a larger machine. However, do not simply trust the capacity claims of manufacturers.


If you need to drink coffee spaced out throughout the day, you might want to buy a coffee maker that has an insulated mug or an insulated carafe to keep your coffee warm and fresh throughout the day. If you simply use the warming plates that often come with glass pots, your coffee will taste stale and burnt after being left too long.


How awake are you in the morning? For some people, filling the coffee machine and turning it off can be too hard in the morning. If that sounds like you, consider using a coffee maker that has an automatic “on” switch. If you often forget to turn off your coffee maker, an automatic timed “off” feature can do wonders.

Making Espresso

If you want to drink espresso, you will need a different type of coffee maker. This is because espresso needs to be made in a different way. It is made as hot water is forced through packed and finely ground coffee. Make sure you get an espresso maker if you are interested.

Breathable Air With Hepa Air Purifier

Who else doesn’t want a fresh air inside and outside our home? Outside our home the air is already polluted from cars and factory smokes. Fungus molecules from the garbage are also a source of air pollution. Have a hepa air purifier at home at least inside our home is fresh and safe from air irritants.
Asthma, sinusitis, dust and pollen allergies are the common side effects of polluted air. Eliminate this problems with the help of a hepa air purifier.

My everyday routine starts from cleaning. Wipe all the desk, tables, cupboards and cabinets. I follow on vacuum and to make sure all the floors are also clean I use a disinfectant wipe cloth. After I vacuum the floor I still saw dust over the tables, desk, etc. That means all the dust when I clean the floor just flew over the desk and tables. This is just a proof that the air also isn’t clean.

Then it is now the duty of the hepa air purifier to trap all the dust that is floating in the air. This will help lessen the possibility of allergies. Allergies that will stress the family.

One good advice before you purchase a hepa air purifier based on my own experience. Choose the one that is bigger enough for your room. Our first hepa air purifier is small and it’s a trial out of curiosity. We set it in our bedroom and yes it is just for a single room. If we are going to invest another for the living room we make sure to make it bigger. Because a bigger filter the more it cleans. Also don’t forget to check the cost and frequency of the filter replacement. Some models need the filter to be replaced every 3 months, and this will cost you a fortune in the long run. Choosing the best hepa air purifier for the money is not difficult, you just need to do your homework.

A clean and circulating air is definitely breathable and relaxing. Fresh air makes our family healthy all the time and nothing more precious than your health. It is the hepa air purifier that assist me as a mother in providing my family with a happy lifestyle. It helps lighten my task in sanitizing the home in a very simple way.

The Most Beautiful Gold Shoes

Pretty Gold Shoes

Ask just about any woman how many pairs of shoes she owns and you’ll often find they have more than men. Women love shoes, including beautiful gold shoes and accessories.

Gold is just a good color for almost any skin type. It compliments darker, lighter and even neutral shades of skin, making gold shoes a good option for most women. Nine West Women’s Danee Platform Pumps have an elegant look and moderate heel length but the gold color really makes these shoes. The shoe is made from leather, not plastic or some engineered materials like plastic. Depending on when you buy them and where you go to get these shoes, you could pay as much as $100, little as $25.

There are many other gold shoes out there, including some which look fit for a princess but come at a fraction of the price you might expect. The 4D6 Doll Pump from Ellie Shoes is a memorable shoe that will leave a mark on you when you see it, at least for the first time. It’s one of the prettiest shoes around and the price really is a fair one. Expect to get these shoes for some amount between $20 and $65. You might find them for even less though.

If you’re looking for open toe gold shoes with low heels which are really more like sandals or flats, there are plenty of those too. Annie Shoes has their women’s Lila Slingback style for women who want to look good without bulky footwear. These shoes are perfect for summer wear and trips to the beach though they are also good for indoor use in some settings. Though there are several colors to choose from, gold is definitely a more popular option and these soft, smooth satin shoes will make your feet feel fine.

Some occasions warrant a different kind of shoe altogether. There are gold shoes in many exotic styles as well. You don’t have to settle for any specific type when you can find what you want with a little determination. In fact, Wanted Shoes has a Lario Women’s Flat for $50 or less which is all man made; no machine stitching is involved with these shoes. They hold up surprisingly well against regular wear and you will find them one of your most dependable pairs of formal shoes. The material is embossed snakeskin, not cheap but not too expensive and certainly not common leather.

For high, formal heels in the event of some special occasion or another, you can’t go wrong with the Women’s Ariel Peep-Toe Pumps from BCBGeneration. These really are some beautiful gold shoes but more than anything, they have enough of a heel that you don’t need to worry about snapping it like a stiletto. The shoe and sole are made by hand from leather so the stitching should hold up but they will hold onto odors if not cleaned regularly. For $100 or less you couldn’t do better than this.

Photos credit:Carmen Rodriguez, mhobi