Pretty Gold Shoes

Ask just about any woman how many pairs of shoes she owns and you’ll often find they have more than men. Women love shoes, including beautiful gold shoes and accessories.

Gold is just a good color for almost any skin type. It compliments darker, lighter and even neutral shades of skin, making gold shoes a good option for most women. Nine West Women’s Danee Platform Pumps have an elegant look and moderate heel length but the gold color really makes these shoes. The shoe is made from leather, not plastic or some engineered materials like plastic. Depending on when you buy them and where you go to get these shoes, you could pay as much as $100, little as $25.

There are many other gold shoes out there, including some which look fit for a princess but come at a fraction of the price you might expect. The 4D6 Doll Pump from Ellie Shoes is a memorable shoe that will leave a mark on you when you see it, at least for the first time. It’s one of the prettiest shoes around and the price really is a fair one. Expect to get these shoes for some amount between $20 and $65. You might find them for even less though.

If you’re looking for open toe gold shoes with low heels which are really more like sandals or flats, there are plenty of those too. Annie Shoes has their women’s Lila Slingback style for women who want to look good without bulky footwear. These shoes are perfect for summer wear and trips to the beach though they are also good for indoor use in some settings. Though there are several colors to choose from, gold is definitely a more popular option and these soft, smooth satin shoes will make your feet feel fine.

Some occasions warrant a different kind of shoe altogether. There are gold shoes in many exotic styles as well. You don’t have to settle for any specific type when you can find what you want with a little determination. In fact, Wanted Shoes has a Lario Women’s Flat for $50 or less which is all man made; no machine stitching is involved with these shoes. They hold up surprisingly well against regular wear and you will find them one of your most dependable pairs of formal shoes. The material is embossed snakeskin, not cheap but not too expensive and certainly not common leather.

For high, formal heels in the event of some special occasion or another, you can’t go wrong with the Women’s Ariel Peep-Toe Pumps from BCBGeneration. These really are some beautiful gold shoes but more than anything, they have enough of a heel that you don’t need to worry about snapping it like a stiletto. The shoe and sole are made by hand from leather so the stitching should hold up but they will hold onto odors if not cleaned regularly. For $100 or less you couldn’t do better than this.

Photos credit:Carmen Rodriguez, mhobi

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