If you are busy or just don’t like to cook cooking at home can give really boring for you. But there are a lot of ways that would make cooking a lot more fun. What you need to do first is stock your kitchen with healthy ingredients so you can cook meals at home which is one of the healthiest ways of living.
Apart from having healthy ingredients you will need the right tools and equipment which will make your cooking more fun and easy. These kitchen items will help you prep your work easier, will make cooking time shorter and will add flavor to your everyday meals.

Colorful prep bowl

Prep bowls
Before you start cooking your meal you will find it much easier and simpler if you have chopped, sliced, minced and measured all the ingredients before you start cooking. A good (with fun colors) set of prep bowls is essential to the kitchen because it will help you through the process of cooking.  Actually, no matter how many of these bowl I own, it always runs out, so get extra ones will not hurt.


Cool Food Processor

Food processor
A food processor is the easiest and most convenient way to chop, slice, shred and grate your ingredients quickly and efficiently. You will find it so useful that you will start using it every day.

Big small pepper mills

Pepper mill & salt grinder
Freshly ground pepper and salt and an amazing flavor to meals in comparison with their pre-ground versions. You would like to use sea and kosher salts because they have low sodium and since they are unprocessed they have high levels of natural minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Quality KNIFE!

Chef-quality chopping knife
Chopping and slicing are really hard processes and they can be even harder if you do not have a high quality chef’s knife. It is a good idea to invest in this kind of knife because it will make the preparation of the ingredients faster, more efficient and more fun. If you decide to buy this kind of knife start with an 8 inch forged chef’s knife and expand your collection with a slicer, utility and paring knives.

Garlic press
Lots of meals include garlic. They might need it in a variety of ways: sliced, crushed or as a whole clove. There is also one more way in which garlic can be prepared and that is as minced garlic. Most often recipes require minced garlic. If you don’t want to do this by buy hand buy a garlic press which will remove all the work and aggravation. Once you put your garlic in the press you need to squeeze it and it will mince your garlic and separate it from its skin. All you need to do afterwards is add the garlic to your meal throw away the skin and your press into the dishwasher.

Cutting boards
You will need to have at least two cutting boards in your kitchen. One of them you should use for raw meat, seafood and poultry and the other one for vegetables and breads. You are recommended to have two cutting boards because this way you will avoid cross-contamination of harmful bacteria. You could buy wood cutting boards or acrylic ones if you do not have to time to wash dishes and you just want to put your cutting board into the dishwasher.

Photos credit:Ella’s Kitchen Company Ltd, Joe Hall

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